Exile Technologies has officially launched a new version of its FreeStyler computer-to-screen system, offering faster and more precise printing onto emulsion-coated screens.

The new FreeStyler 2 replaces the original FreeStyler DTS (direct-to-screen) system with a new “industrial” all-metal design and upgraded mechanics and electronics for improved precision and reliability.

It features UV-Block black ink to deliver enhanced UV density of more than 3.5 UV DMAX. The new model also supports bi-directional print modes which translates into imaging speeds that are nearly 50% faster.

Speeds range from 2.5 minutes per square foot for a fast set-up through to eight minutes for the very highest quality.

The FreeStyler 2 frees screen printers from having to perform manual and labour-intensive film registration. Instead the image stencil is digitally printed and registered directly onto a normal emulsion-coated screen.

After imaging, the screen is ready for immediate exposure. This can be carried out on the optional Expose DTS under-counter UV-LED exposure system and without the need for a glass or vacuum.

Pinholing and undercutting are completely eliminated so small half-tone highlight dots and shadow details are accurately reproduced.

After exposure, the water-based ink washes off quickly and easily along with the unexposed emulsion.

FreeStyler 2

The FreeStyler 2 is configurable with one or two print cartridges that can be swapped out in seconds. Each cartridge is capable of producing over 50 “typical” T-shirt images, translating to production and running costs of under £1 per screen.

It supports screen frames up to 105cm by 66cm (40 inches by 26 inches) with a 735mm by 505mm (29 inch by 20 inch) maximum imaging area on screen.

It is powered by ScreenMaker RIP, an OEM version of CADLink’s FilmMaker RIP software. ScreenMaker incorporates optional “in RIP” separations and allows for direct printing from graphics applications as well as a “drag and drop” print option.

Images can be positioned digitally relative to the screen frame size via ScreenMaker’s Template function. Registration accuracy is controlled by the FreeStyler 2’s Tri-loc three-point registration or the optional MHM four-point pin system.

Exile Technologies’ managing director, Mark Evans, said the FreeStyler 2 was perfect for print shops where the number of screens made up each day did not merit investing in a Spyder direct-to-screen system.

“The FreeStyler 2 offers screen printers an affordable and cost-effective route into a computer-to-screen-based workflow. The FreeStyler has been completely renovated and can now produce high-quality stencils in minutes.”

The FreeStyler 2 is listed at a UK price of £9,995 bundled with a ScreenMaker RIP. There is also a rent-to-purchase scheme available to UK customers.

After being announced in November 2021, the new model was officially launched by Exile Technologies for the first time on its stand at Printwear & Promotion Live! at the NEC in Birmingham this week.


FreeStyler 2