Registration has opened for the International RemaDays Warsaw 2022 Advertising and Printing Fair which covers garment decorating and other promotional and branded products.

The 18th outing for the fair will be held in the Polish capital from 16 to 18 February* 2022 at Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn.

It follows the return of live events for the RemaDays Warsaw fairs after the 2021 show was cancelled. With the global pandemic ongoing, the smaller RemaExtra trade fair in Warsaw in September this year attracted nearly 6,000 visitors to see more than 170 exhibitors.

Before Covid-19, the main RemaDays Warsaw fair – which has been held each year since 2005 – attracted 21,000 visitors and 795 exhibitors.

The 2022 fair will have the theme of “We Creative. Open to the New”. Many exhibitors are already signed up including European representatives from brands and suppliers such as Stanley/Stella, PF Concept and Trotec.

In a statement, RemaDays’ organiser said: “The recent RemaExtra trade fair confirmed the strength of the advertising industry, its need for personal meetings and desire to grow.

“The September edition of RemaExtra showed that visitors from Poland and Europe, who turned up in such large numbers, still crave inspiration, discussions and meetings in person.

“The past year has shown that we must always be prepared for challenges, open to novelty, to what the future brings. For this reason, the next edition of RemaDays Warsaw will be an opportunity to present completely new ideas and to open up to challenges in the coming months.

“We also focus on creativity, which is indispensable for the advertising industry. RemaDays Warsaw is the place where we can learn about the latest production technologies related to advertising in its broadest sense.”

*Since this article was published, the fair has been postponed to March 2022 due to Covid-19. Click here for an update.