This hoodie from Extra Mile Printing is the first thing we’ve seen in a long time that has brought some much needed humour to the seemingly endless Brexit discussion.

Owner and designer Simon Lloyd says: “Whether you voted leave or remain, we’re leaving the EU…probably… maybe… soon. “It’s definitely leavers’ hoodie season and this year Extra Mile Printing was inspired to make the ultimate leavers’ hoodie to mark the UK’s exit from the European Union; a hoodie for those who may never have had one before, especially if, like us, you left school before their rise to popularity.

“Whether you’re a Brexiteer or a firm Remainer, our design gives you the chance to add your name to an extensive list of famous Brits, printed using our TextJet Advanced Plus DTG printer on the reverse of a cosy AWDis JH101 hoodie in navy. Printing one-offs using DTG allows us to add the personal touch to the design, which would be prohibitively expensive as a screen print.

“Our unique logo design printed front left using a white toner transfer completes the traditional leavers’ hoodie look, replacing what would usually be the school or club logo with a full-colour EU stars/Union Jack motif. “We love what we do, and we specialise in bringing our customers’ ideas to life, however small. We don’t have a minimum order and enjoy creating one-off unique items. “Our EU leavers’ hoodie is really just a bit of fun, but can be ordered from our website.”