Branding apparel company Essential has introduced its new sustainable packaging – sugarcane carbon neutral poly bags. 

The Dunstable-based company says it’s the first professional branding company to introduce this packaging alternative in the UK, which demonstrates “a further dedication to maintaining its eco-friendly and environmentally conscious policies”. 

The sugarcane carbon neutral poly bags are 100% recyclable, making them a great alternative to oil-based polythene packaging, explains Essential.

“They’re made from the waste of sugar cane extraction where a bio-based polymer is created. These polymers are a renewable source, which can be recycled and reused indefinitely. Amazingly, this process starts off as being carbon negative, but through the transportation and production necessary, it becomes carbon neutral. 

“The sugarcane polymer can be used to make a range of plastic-like products, such as bags, films and wraps.”

George Georgiou, managing director of Essential, said: “It’s such an important time for us as a business to be making sure we’re doing our part. We are always looking out for new ways to improve the way we brand and package our products, and I’m very proud of what Essential is doing. I believe this is just the beginning in our efforts to become even more eco-friendly.”

Its new sugarcane carbon neutral polybags have the same sturdy feel of a non-bio-based bag, and are available upon request for all Essential’s customers, adds the company.