Epson has announced that its subsidiaries in the direct-to-textile printing sector, Robustelli and For.Tex, are set to merge by the end of 2020.

Both based in Italy, Robustelli develops and manufactures textile printers, while For.Tex engages primarily in textile ink sales and support.

Guy Martin, sales development specialist for commercial and industrial at Epson UK, said: “The Robustelli and For.Tex merger represents the beginning of what we believe will be a sea change over time in terms of print-on-demand in the textile sector.

“Post-pandemic, fashion brands are going to need more efficient, lower volume and rapid turnaround textile printing solutions to meet both shareholder and customer demands for fashion that is less wasteful and harmful to the environment, of the highest quality and with an immediacy that off-shore production simply can’t meet.

“The merger puts the combined strengths of Epson, Robustelli and For.Tex at the forefront of the response to this manufacturing shift. The ability to digitally print, on-demand, in-house or locally, across multiple regions with total consistency and efficiency, means those textile manufacturers and brands who integrate Epson’s digital printing technology into their businesses, place themselves in a commanding position to take advantage of this shift and explore exciting new commercial opportunities in the process.”