Epson has announced the launch of Cloud Solution PORT, a cloud-based printer management system for digital textile printers.

The new platform supports Epson large-format and commercial printers, and can be accessed from multiple devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets.  

“Customers will be able to monitor printers across several locations, from the production floor or remotely, using configurable dashboards with clear graphics to analyse productivity and receive operational updates about the print jobs, ink levels and maintenance status – minimising downtime and disruption to print runs,” explained Epson.

The first service to be offered on Cloud Solution PORT will be Production Monitor, which will examine the status of production in real time.  

“Customers can see when jobs have been completed, or the remaining time left to complete a job, giving them the information to accurately plan production. It  also generates daily reports that highlight production bottlenecks or opportunities where productivity can improve.”

The Cloud Solution PORT platform will be supported by the Epson SC-F3000 and SC-F10000 models, with further models and services to be added over the coming months. It’s available for free with the printer model, and can be accessed via its own portal.

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