Embroidery Unit based in Leyland, Lancashire, has turned its attention to producing double-layer protective face masks in light of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The company, which offers embroidery services for workwear and promotionalwear, designed the polycotton fabric face masks for “when you are working in close quarters, or just need an extra barrier when you can’t stay the full two metres”.

David Counsell, owner of Embroidery Unit, explained: “At first we designed the masks to be made using our multi-head embroidery machines, but when we had a high uptake and a few larger orders, we soon realised that we would not be able to produce them faster enough.

“Luckily for us, we work closely with a workwear producer British Bespoke Workwear, who have industrial flatbed sewing machines, overlockers and a workforce that were more than happy to lend a hand.

“So we perfected the design, giving it a tweak here and there, to come up with a mask that could be washed at a higher temperature of 60°c, and would not take up too much time to make and produce in larger numbers.

“We then decided as a company that we should offer them to the wider public that were also out and about, and couldn’t always keep the two-metre distance advised.

“We are only a small run family business, but we pride ourselves on helping where we can, when we can.”