Amaya Sales (UK)

The Melco EMT16 modular system

The Melco EMT16 modular system in action at Glenmuir in Scotland; the golfwear brand operates 26 EMT16s

The Melco EMT16 modular embroidery system is fast building a reputation as the most efficient production unit available, according to distributors Amaya. The company says the set-up is suited to small embroidery businesses right up to high production multi-head set-ups. “Some companies have drastically reduced the amount of heads whilst still keeping up with production,” notes Amaya.

The modular embroidery system was developed to allow embroiderers to cope with the ever-changing variation in orders. “The efficiency of the set-up allows for extremes of production ranging from a one-off order to thousands,” Amaya advises. “Many large multi-head companies have changed over to our system with amazing results by increasing production and flexibility – ask us for references.”
Amaya adds that with the Melco EMT16, embroiderers can start with one machine and add on as many as they like to suit their production needs.

“These embroidery machines are technically advanced and have features not found on other machines,” it adds. “If you want to drastically improve your embroidery production, give us a call and arrange a visit to one of our showrooms.”

A video of the Melco in action is available at