This stunning embroidered vest jacket was created for DJ Jossy Mitsu by London-based designer and artist Sarangua

“Jossy and I are good friends, and I wanted to treat her to a custom design,” explained Sarangua.

“The design was created using inspiration from her DJ name and, most importantly, her love for representing Birmingham. I took the pose and outfit ideas from the Tekken character Yoshimitsu, then added a mask, and replaced the sword with her DJ set and a Birmingham flag.

“Her name stitched in white was done using an appliqué process, which means the letters were filled with a black foam fabric for extra effect and a luxury look — to make it extra personal, Jossy sent me a selfie so that I could trace her hair and face into the embroidery.”

Sarangua used Wilcom embroidery software to digitise the design, which was then embroidered with Madeira threads using a Happy Japan embroidery machine onto a vest jacket provided by Jossy.

“The final result was a surprise, and Jossy’s reaction when she first saw it is the reason why I’m obsessed with bringing art to life through embroidery,” added Sarangua.

“When Jossy posted the jacket on her Instagram, there was an overwhelming amount of appreciation, and I believe that was because the character created through the embroidery reflected who she is as a DJ with the big bold name across the back.”

Sarangua embroidered the jacket design using Madeira embroidery threads