Embrilliance has created a series of embroidery designs as part of its #staystrongstitchon campaign to help decorators show their support for essential workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Erich Campbell, digitiser at Embrilliance, said: “We created these designs for every kind of embroiderer, from the commercial stitcher who wants to create items to donate or needs designs because their medical and other professionals are ordering apparel and they want to reduce the cost of setup, to home embroiderers and hobbyists who want to show love and support to the many people who keep them healthy and happy.

“Most of the designs I’ve created are stock embroidery designs for medical personal, firefighters and other first responders, but my colleague Lisa Shaw has also created pieces for the grocery workers, delivery drivers and others risking their health to help us.

“These designs serve both to create goods for these incredible people, and to give those stuck at home a way to contribute and stay calm during these difficult times.

“I decided to make designs that were widely applicable and easily to customise.

“We take it day to day, and we try to keep things simple to stitch and fun.”


Embroidery designs have been made to show support for pharmacists, medical personnel and other essential workers