Elevate your brand with Russell’s True Team Colours

The colour upgrade with perfectly matching teamwear

Represent your brand and your business with the strong colour theme White

Russell Europe is currently launching this smart campaign alongside a collection concept featuring eight strong and perfectly coordinated colour worlds for every professional sector with the most successful products.

With ‘True Team Colours’, Russell Europe supplies companies and brands with a high-quality, extensive and easy-care product portfolio that excellently represents the corporate look through timeless colours and fostering team spirit

Team clothing in white from Russell
True Team Colours from Russell

White – symbol of professionalism, hygiene and trust in medicine and care

The colour White stands for reliability, cleanliness and competence. The visual communication of these properties is necessary in medical professions. Therefore, the choice of team clothing in White plays an important role in facilities such as doctor’s and physio practices, nursing services, clinics and laboratories.

The Russell Authentics® or the Polycotton range offer a versatile and comfortable selection for this professional field and are easy to combine. They are the perfect all-rounders for this industry next to a wide range of further bestsellers.

Feel confident and comfortable in business wearing Russell's True Team Colours

Feel confident and comfortable in business with ideal corporatewear

White symbolises cleanliness and purity, ensuring that staff appear professional and trustworthy – essential qualities in any medical environment of course including physiotherapy, care services and laboratories. Its ability to reflect light creates a calming and bright atmosphere, enhancing the comfort and reassurance of patients. 

The strong colours of ‘TTC’ present the ideal canvas for individual textile finishing (screen printing, DTG, transfer, embroidery, DTF). Russell offers a pool of new marketing tools for various platforms and B2B applications to match the colour campaign.

The eight stable theme worlds of ‘True Team Colours’ for the appropriate industries are: Green, French Navy, Light Blue, Mid Blue, Grey, Red, White and Black.