Jul16P54HeatIf you encounter  a problem when sublimation printing it makes sense to look at your equipment or materials for the cause. However, non-machine based variables can also greatly effect results, and one of these is the environmental conditions in the area that the printing or transferring is taking place.

In a rare heatwave a few summers ago, we responded to a technical request from a customer working in the top floor of an old mill. Their colour management problems were quickly tracked down to a colour profile created in the cold and damp of the previous winter versus their attempts to reproduce things in an environment that was so hot and humid it was actually beyond the recommended working conditions for the hardware – let along the poor souls trying to use it! A small investment in a portable air conditioning unit and a re-profiling of their system put a more stable process in place – and a nicer place to work.
Stephen Woodall, national sales manager (textile and apparel), Hybrid Services


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