DuPont has introduced a new series for its Pigment Inks portfolio, DuPont Artistri Brite P5500, that promises to offer more durable printing onto garments.

The new Artistri P5500 inks deliver the same colour as DuPont’s P5000 but with improved wash fastness with both press or oven curing and with faster curing times, while the Artistri P5590 white ink adds longer shelf life through improved redispersibility.

The new inks, launched globally at Impressions Expo in Long Beach in California this weekend, have been designed for direct-to-garment (DTG) printers “looking to achieve repeatably high-quality, durable prints through a reliable cost-effective printing process”.

The high-gamut-volume aqueous-based ink set is designed to work in machines with low-viscosity piezo-electric printheads and is suitable for all DTG applications as well as direct-to-film (DTF) printing.

Stephen Richardson, general manager of the inks’ Australia-based supplier Impression Technology, commented: “Test results clearly show the advantage of DuPont Artistri P5500 Inks in shorter curing times, colour gamut and wash fastness.

“In particular, the outstanding compatibility of these inks with our new print-heads raises our expectations for use in various DTG digital textile printing products that will be introduced in the near future.”

With the new Artistri P5500 ink set, DuPont said that printers would be able to tailor their ink usage to the application without compromising colour, fastness and repeatability.

Eric Beyeler, global marketing manager for DuPont Artistri Digital Inks, said: “We are delighted to deliver a full solution that helps enable leading printing performance in all the areas that contribute to our customers’ success: brilliant and durable colours with less ink plus reduced curing times for oven and press while still delivering printing consistency and dependability to help lower operations and maintenance costs.”

The inks offer brilliant colours with a gamut volume of over 175,000. Dark shirt wash fastness, after five washes at 45C, for press and oven cure is more than four on a scale of zero to five.

The inks have been launched globally, with UK distributors including Impression Technology Europe and Resolute DG due to have them by spring 2022.