DTGMerch has announced the launch of its new online course: DTG Printing Fundamentals.

The course can be accessed at learn.dtgmerch.com, and features video content covering different aspects of direct-to-garment printing (DTG).

This includes an in-depth look at the three main processes of DTG: pre-treatment, printing, and curing, as well as ways in which decorators can deal with and fix problems during those stages. It further recommends tests you can perform to optimise your production workflow, and shows how to perform quality control.

The course also looks at the business side of DTG printing, such as how to optimise the production, how to automate the workflow and who the potential customers are. In addition to the videos, DTGMerch has also included checklists and templates to help decorators in their daily business.

The company has also added two e-books: ‘10 steps to get your production on track’ and ‘Five things to ask before buying a DTG printer’.

Everson Scheurich of DTGMerch said: “We tried to put together the DTG printing training we wish we had had when we started our careers in this business.

“Direct-to-garment printing is a rather new technology, and we noticed that it can be difficult to collect the bits and pieces of knowledge scattered all over the place. We aimed to collect all the current know-how, and provide it in an easily accessible form.”