DTG Digital has announced the launch of a new range of direct-to-garment (DTG) printers that can also be used for direct-to-film (DTF).

The new Q Hybrid Series printers are designed for DTG as well as DTF for heat-transfer applications from a single printing platform, enabling garment decorators to expand the range of products they can decorate using both direct and indirect methods.

The Q Hybrid Series will be available in three models: the Q1, Q2 and Q4. Each model caters for different production volume requirements, described as rivalling the production capabilities of an entry-level industrial printer but “at a much lower price point”.

The Q1 is capable of producing up to 50 dark garments per hour. The Q4 model can produce 200 pieces per hour.

DTG Digital CEO Steve Richardson said: “The Q Hybrid Series enables users to significantly boost production volume on T-shirts, apparel and other fabric products with next-level DTG printing technology and production capability.

“A first of its kind, the Q Hybrid Series incorporates transfer printing by way of proprietary reverse firmware creating a true hybrid industrial process where seamless direct and transfer prints are produced on a single printing platform.

“The Q Hybrid Series provides customers with the efficiency, versatility and flexibility needed to instantly scale up production output.

“With its unique multi-QLVP vacuum platen design, the Q Hybrid Series can match the performance and productivity of multiple platen DTG printers.

“This makes it ideal for screen-print operations looking to expand into DTG for web-to-print, or fulfil smaller runs they’ve had to turn away.

“It’s also the perfect solution for existing DTG printer owners who print on demand and want to increase output.”

The new Q Hybrid Series printers, due to be launched this month, are set to be available through DTG Digital’s UK distributor, YES Group, formerly Your Embroidery Services.

DTG Digital has been a specialist in DTG inkjet technologies for over a decade, with its headquarters and research and development in Sydney and manufacturing and service centres in Singapore, Netherlands and Malaysia.


DTG Digital Q1 Hybrid printer

DTG Digital’s new Q1 printer, part of its new Q Hybrid Series