DTG Digital introduced the latest member of the M-series direct-to-garment printers in October: the M3. The company says the new model has been launched in response to the increase in demand for volume printing. Features include an all-new garment platen system made up of three sets of 4-2-1 platens, allowing printing for three 4XL garments, six standard garments or 12 smaller garments in one system.

dtg_m3-printer“We wanted to increase the speed and simplify the user interface to make the new M3 into something that printers will find far easier to maintain and operate,” said John-Paul Burton, sales director of Your Embroidery Services (YES), European suppliers of the DTG digital range. “With a rise in volume digital print demands from our customer base we felt we needed to respond and offer more productive equipment without it having a major effect on the level of capital investment. DTG Digital has achieved this and more with the M3, another ground-breaking piece of development work.”

The new 2017 brochure from Your Embroidery Services (YES) presents full details of the expanded range of M-Series DTG printers. “This is the definitive information pack on these machines, giving all the necessary information for you to make an informed decision,” says the company.