Doro Tape reports that its range of gold and silver Pearl Glitter garment decoration flex film has been both extended and improved.

Poli Tape, the film’s manufacturer, has increased the product’s colour palette to 24 colours. “It’s now possible to order this highly sparkly film in hot pink, navy blue, lovely lavender, vivid red to mention just a few,” says Doro Tape.

The new colour chart is available upon request.

The company adds that Poli-Tape’s new production process has also resulted in significant improvements to the film “without losing any of its magical intensity”.

Doro Tape comments, “The Pearl Glitter now has a greater flexibility, allowing it to stretch more with the garment and making it even easier to cut and weed. With the solvent-free adhesive offering good washability the Pearl Glitter is suitable for use on cotton, cotton/polyester and acrylic/polyester garments.”

Formally known as Glitz, the Pearl Glitter gold and silver is one of the most popular products in Doro Tape’s range and its “optically intense sparkle and lovely glittery feel has made it a popular choice for fashion, party and childrenswear,” the company advises.

Doro Tape stocks the Pearl Glitter for next day delivery.


Doro Tape pearl glitter swatch card

The new Pearl Glitter flex film colour card