Machine: Tesoma Drylight

Supplied by: MHM Direct GB

Mark Somerfield – Director

Tell us a bit about your business
Direct Textiles started business in 2002 as a small screen printing and embroidery business to service local markets. Over the last 15 years it has developed into one of the UK’s largest trade-only garment suppliers and decorators.

With a combined group turnover now in excess of £10 million, both Direct Textiles and Direct Trade Bags have invested heavily in the latest technology to support this growth, and with the recent addition of a fully automated screen production facility, an investment of over £350,000, we continue to seek the most efficient and environmental solutions for our customers. We have also recently been awarded the Pillar 4 SMETA accreditation, which complements the ISO 9001 and 14001 already in place.

What is the latest dryer you’ve bought?
The latest dryer we purchased was a large Tesoma Drylight. This was an additional line, purchased to service a new MHM XTreme large format screen printing press. We currently run 11 MHM screen printing machines within the group, and have Tesoma dryers now running alongside most of them.

Did you look at other machines before buying this one?
There are a couple of alternative suppliers that can also provide good dryers, but we as a group decided some time ago to stick with MHM printing machines and Tesoma dryers as we are trying to standardise our production facility; this means holding parts and servicing etcetera is much easier.

Why did you choose the Tesoma Drylight?
We purchased our first Tesoma dryer some years ago, and I think reliability has been the main reason for sticking with them. The dryers also have automatic belt lining, which makes sure the belt runs perfectly straight all the time.

What size runs is it used for?
We print all sizes of orders, anything that the customer requires, but each printing machine is capable of producing around 4,000 garments throughout an eight-hour shift, an average of around 500 an hour. The dryers easily keep up with this production. We use all ink types – plastisol, discharge and water-based – and we also use Tesoma dryers for our digital print production.

What other machines do you have?
We also run Adelco dryers alongside some of the machines, which are a reliable and well-known alternative.

What would be your advice to others thinking of buying a dryer?
Obviously before any considerable financial investment you need to look at what is available in the market to see what suits your own requirement. Think about the future growth needs, and be sure you will get the correct back-up and support once the machine is running. The big thing is that if your dryer isn’t working the business is not earning, so if it does go down the speed of repair is vital.

We purchased our first Tesoma dryer some years ago, and I think reliability has been the main reason for sticking with them