DTG Digital

Fashion focus

The M4 printer from DTG Digital

DTG Digital says that while direct-to-garment printing was originally aimed at those doing small, one-off orders, the company believed that this modern printing process had potential for the larger bulk order market. With this in mind, the company developed the M-series machines, which it says “satisfy both markets without losing sight of either.”

DTG Digital has recently increased the adaptability of the M-series machines to better fit the needs of the fashion market, where the range of garments and fabrics is much broader than in the standard T-shirt industry. The new M4 and M6 machines both give the user the ability to print onto a variety of fabrics using a range of different inks including reactive, direct sublimation and water-based. Both models also have a print area that can adapt to all-over prints on T-shirts, denim jeans and even large fabric sections such as banner and table linen.

“This is a very competitive industry so today’s successful machines have to offer something more than the standard,” says DTG Digital’s UK distributor, Your Embroidery Services. “Both the M4 and the M6 models are unique in their class and simply offer something that other machines don’t.”


J&B Sewing Machine Co

Accurate ink costing and faster print speeds

The mP10i from J&B Sewing Machine Co

J&B Sewing Machine Co is delighted to announce the launch of the latest DTG printers from AnaJet.

Building on its early success in the direct-to-garment printer market, AnaJet has released two mPower-i series machines – the mP10i and mP5i – which are claimed to be the fastest single platen DTG printers in their class.

J&B reports that improvements on the earlier mPower machines include a totally new maintenance station, extractor fans for reducing overspray fallout, re-positioned control panel for easy operation and faster print speed.

“The AnaRip patented RIP software offers total control over each and every print and gives accurate ink costing for white and CMYK,” J&B comments, adding that “Soft-feel prints are just one of the major benefits of the AnaRip, and Trueview allows you to see the result of adjustments in real time.”

Using industrial Ricoh heads allows the mP10i to print a 12” x 10” image in as little as 20 seconds and 40 seconds on the mP5i. Most of the latest upgrades are also available to existing users (contact J&B for full details).

AnaJet also continues to supply its entry level machine, the Sprint, at the new low price of £6,500 plus VAT. “This means that it has never been easier to start a garment printing business,” notes the company.

As well as being the sole distributors for AnaJet products in the UK, J&B Sewing Machine Co is also a UK distributor of Brother DTG printers as well as the new ImageArmor E-series DTG inks, which have a cure time of just 35-seconds (see the J&B advertisement opposite for further information).



Speedy printing and innovative solutions

The SEFA ISpray 2 Pre Treatment Machine

Xpres has partnered with Epson in offering the SC-F2000, a DTG machine that the company calls “superb”. It uses the Epson MicroPiezo TFP print head, which boasts a resolution of up to 1440 x 14440 dpi for accurate dot shape and placement, and is the only DTG printer to use the latest Precision Core Epson print head technology. The machine is notable for its fast print speed and can print a T-shirt in 27 seconds, according to Xpres.

The SC-F2000 has a wide colour gamut and Epson’s Oeko-Tex approved UltraChrome DG Ink has been specifically designed to work with the printer’s Precision Core Epson print head technology to produce vibrant colours, smooth gradations, and prints with a soft hand. The machine comes with Garment Creator software, which Xpres describes as intuitive and says helps to simplify production. The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows OSs. The SC-F2000 also comes with a wide range of quick change platen accessories, including a special sleeve platen.

Also from Xpres is the SEFA ISpray 2 Pre Treatment Machine. This machine has innovative nozzle selection functionality coupled with interchangeable platens to ensure precise and consistent pre-treatment coverage of both junior and adult garments. A garment can be treated in as little as three seconds, making the ISpray2 ideal for high volume, continuous production. It also has a large garment threading area, touch-screen controls, and automatic cleaning and nozzle moisturising capabilities.

On the heat press side Xpres offers the SEFA GPX range with improved electronics that produce a higher power output to ensure a consistent temperature when pressing garments. An optional and popular addition to any GPX heat press is the DTG platen, which has an anti-corrosive coating and a soft sponge to absorb any excess gas. Air-vents allow the moisture to escape and the improved power output can reduce the time taken to cure pre-treatment as well as improve the overall print quality whilst prolonging the press’s lifespan.