Wide range of DTG printers and ancillary equipment

Adelco’s automatic digital drawer dryer

Adelco, the first worldwide distributor of Kornit DTG printers, has recently added the Epson SureColor FC-2000 DTG press to its range. “This makes the machine choices in our range the most complete anywhere in the marketplace and ensures that the company can offer a system that exactly suits the needs and markets of each individual customer,” says Adelco.vThe company advises that businesses looking for an entry-level press now have the option of either the Epson SureColor FC-2000, a printer that achieves consistent results on both light and dark fabrics, or the Kornit Breeze – the only printer at this level to offer an automatic pre-treatment.
A mid-level machine with industrial output, the Kornit Storm II is the most installed industrial machine in the Kornit range, reports Adelco. It provides high output levels from a twin-pallet loading system and is designed for 24/7 shift work with high speed on-line pretreatment and four Spectra Nova white print heads plus CMYK.

The Kornit Avalanche is available with up to 8 white and 16 CMYK Spectra Polaris print heads and provides a larger print area twin-pallet system. It is also suitable for 24/7 production with separate white and colour print arrays to enable printing of white and colour simultaneously on both pallets. There are four models in the Avalanche range with a choice of output speeds and a discharge ink model.

The Kornit Paradigm is a digital CMYK print module that can be added to most automatic screen printing presses to apply high resolution digital prints on a screen printed white base. It can achieve speeds of up to 300 pieces an hour and Adelco claims it offers the lowest digital print costs on the market.

The company also supplies a selection of ancillary equipment including the Schulze Pretreatmaker automatic pre-treatment machine, space-saving automatic drawer dryers, and both electric and gas-fired conveyor dryers.