New entrant launches two DTG models

Mutoh’s first ever DTG machine, the ValueJet 405GT CMYK + White

Mutoh has entered the DTG market with the launch of the ValueJet 404GT CMYK and ValueJet 405GT CMYK + White printers. The new models were unveiled at ITMA in November and have been developed specifically for direct printing on T-shirts, caps, canvas bags, shoes and other garments.
The VJ-404GT is a CMYK model, while the VJ-405GT has CMYK and white ink printing capability, complete with a dedicated ink circulation system for the white.

These compact printers have a wide print area, an easy-to-use 7-inch LCD touchscreen and both accept a number of interchangeable print platens, in widths up to 404 x 584mm, (S-2XL). The new ValueJet models use Piezo drop-on-demand inkjet technology and have a print resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Mutoh’s water-based pigmented textile inks allow for printing on high cotton blends, 100% cotton and 100% polyester, and the company also offers a variety of pre-treatment liquids for decorators who wish to ensure fabric compatibility or improve washfastness.

A dedicated Mutoh printer installer and driver software for Windows is included with the machine, and there is a Mutoh proprietary ‘layout and print’ software tool for quick and easy operation.


The complete set-up

A stunning dark shirt print made with a Brother GT printer

GS UK reports that the Brother GT-3 Series continues to be a popular choice for those investing in a direct-to-garment printer thanks to the range of printing options it offers. The company points out that the GT 341 model is ideal for those starting up in business and can be used to print CMYK on both whites and light-coloured garments. The next step-up is the Brother GT 361, or the Brother GT 381, both of which offer the capability to print with white ink.

The company also supplies the Schulze Pretreatmaker III for automatic application of pretreatment. The machine comes with four valves, which can be controlled individually, and the length of the spraying area can be regulated in 2 cm increments using the touchscreen, plus there are 10 levels available for controlling the amount of pre-treatment liquid applied. This, says GS UK, not only enables operators to set up individual pretreatment areas but also allows for economical usage of the liquid as it is distributed evenly in the appropriate amount for optimal print quality and washability.

GS UK recommends running a Brother GT series printer alongside a Schulze Pretreatmaker III machine and a Schulze Heatpress for a complete direct-to-garment printing set-up. The GT-3 machines use Brother DTG inks that can be used to print on a variety of fabric types, provide a wider colour gamut for truer colour matching, and are Oeko-Tex approved.

Resolute DTG

New platens and brighter inks

Resolute DTG’s R-Jet 5 digital printer

The R-Jet 5 printer was introduced four years ago and has remained at the forefront of the DTG industry in Europe, says Resolute, which adds that the machine’s “unique patented transport system is the key to its success and proven reliability.”

Resolute is always looking to improve its range and this determination to keep innovating has led it to design a new set of platens for the R-Jet 5, in line with customer requests. The image here shows one of the new platens, which is designed to fit into the printer’s existing patented transport system and allows for the printing of two sleeves at the same time, long or short, and also doubles as a babygrow platen. The variable height adjustment feature means the new platen range can cope with any thickness of fabric. Caps, shoes and many other platen configurations will be available in 2016.

The company has also introduced a new and improved ink set, Resolute Brite. The ink’s new formulation increases its colour gamut, giving brighter, more vivid colours, and also comes with a substantial price reduction, reports Resolute. It adds that the Resolute Brite inks will be offered alongside industry-leading brands, including DuPont Artistri.

“Normally bundled with a pretreatment machine manufactured by Resolute, the R-Jet 5 DTG system offers a great combination of speed, quality and reliability, with a price tag lower than most would expect for such high specification equipment,” the company advises.