A new BBC1 series about turning hobbies into a business is to champion the art of digital embroidery, featuring fashion design specialist David Morrish.

David, who has won awards for his embroidery artistry, will be a guest in one episode of Make It at Market, presented by Dom Chinea who shot to fame through TV show The Repair Shop.

The 15-part series, which is due to be broadcast this autumn or winter, sees Dom and a team of business and craft experts help budding entrepreneurs make a living from their crafting hobby.

In David’s case, he has already carved a reputation for his unique digital embroidery, including twice winning the title of Wilcom Digital Embroiderer of the Year. He is also a senior lecturer in fashion design at Sheffield Hallam University.

However, he said that he was paired up with a mentor from the textile world – yet to be revealed – who has helped him explore ways to make more money from his artistic skills, such as e-commerce.

“It was very exciting to have an opportunity to show digital embroidery and the process, how you don’t just push a button and the machine does it all. There is a lot of skill involved.

“It’s really frustrating that people associate digital embroidery only with mass production and basics such as badges. I was also able to show that embroidery isn’t just about flower designs.

“There is so much scope and opportunity and I was able to show what is possible. I hope that seeing this on TV will open people’s minds to digital embroidery and to give it a go.”

As part of the programme, David presents a one-off jacket that he created using digital embroidery for TV personality Siobhan Murphy, a fashion and interior designer and runner-up on the BBC TV show Interior Design Masters. It was featured in Images magazine’s Anatomy of an Embroidery in January 2022.

For filming Make It at Market, David travelled to the National Trust’s Stoneywell in Leicestershire – a cottage designed by Arts and Crafts designer-architect Ernest Gimson. He returned two months later for further filming to talk through the ideas that had come out of the ongoing work with the mentor.

David said: “The show is about helping crafters turn their craft hobbies into a business and films us looking at what kind of business models suits our craft, whether it’s mass production or high end, for example. It was an opportunity to look at what I do from a critical point of view.”

He was particularly interested to explore different ways of costing embroidery beyond the traditional pricing model by the stitch.

“It’s not a competition,” David added. “Like The Repair Shop, it’s an opportunity to show your skills and share tips. The idea is that it shows people who have a craft how they can make money out of it.”

Make It At Market will feature other crafters ranging from potters, blacksmiths and weavers to woodworkers, jewellers and furniture makers.

Dom said: “It has been really inspirational to watch the amateurs develop and bloom. They have the skills already but it’s great to see them really shine and fulfil their potential of making a viable business that will undoubtedly change their lives.”

No exact date for David’s episode has been announced but look out for him on BBC1 later this year.

Update: The BBC has announced that Make It at Market will be broadcast on BBC1 from 2 January 2023. David is due to feature in the episode broadcast on Monday 16 January 2023 at 4.30pm and then available to stream on BBC iPlayer.