Second-year BA fashion students from the University of Derby recently presented workwear they had created in collaboration with uniform provider Dimensions.

It’s the second year the Castle Donington business has worked with the university’s fashion students, challenging them to create the uniforms of the future. The company set a brief for the students at the start of the year as part of the ‘directed projects in fashion’ module.

Student Chloe Twigg explained: “We had to pick a workwear and try to improve upon a uniform that already exists. Dimensions visited us regularly, giving talks on industry days and having different people from the business talk to us. It’s helped us to realise what elements to focus on, like sustainability, which were incorporated into the finished product.”

Colin Thompson, programme leader of Fashion BA (Hons) at the university, added: “We have clear academic outcomes we’re aiming for and working with Dimensions puts the students in direct contact with industry, which is great for their development. Dimensions were hands-on and eager to come in and review the work in progress, helping us to crystallise the project brief, installing key themes and topics to be addressed by our students.

“They are very generous, supplying us with fabric for prototyping and donate a large quantity of fabrics with functional technical qualities for the students to utilise.”

The project culminated in a presentation display at an evening event where each uniform was displayed in front of the lecturers and the students’ families and friends.

Clare du Mughn, design director at Dimensions, said: “It has been great to work with the University of Derby, who have a brilliant team that we work alongside. The students have been creating some fantastic work this year, it has been a pleasure to monitor their progress throughout the year.”