From DTF transfers to eco-friendly inks and threads, our annual showcase of print and embroidery consumables has something for everyone in the decorated garment and textile industry

Madeira UK: Polyneon Green and Sensa Green Embroidery Thread

Madeira UK has recently expanded its eco-friendly offering with two new sustainable embroidery threads: Polyneon Green and Sensa Green.

Polyneon Green offers a recycled polyester thread derived from post-consumer waste, and is certified by the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Class I Annex 6.

It reduces waste by reusing plastic bottles, which are melted down and spun into the strong trilobal thread, explains Madeira.

[L-R] Madeira’s new eco-friendly embroidery threads: Sensa Green and Polyneon Green

Similarly, Sensa Green offers “the only coloured embroidery thread made from lyocell fibres”, adds the company.

“Lyocell is derived from trees grown on non-agricultural land with a much lower water consumption than cotton. The closed-loop production process uses only organic solvents, 99% of which are recovered and reused.

“Offering a unique finish for designers, not too shiny, not too dull, this soft-touch thread is free from harmful substances.”

Sensa Green is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Product Class I Annex 6, which makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications from kidswear to underwear and home textiles.

In addition, Madeira UK offers its standard thread ranges: Classic rayon and Polyneon polyester, as well as specialist threads, from matt finish, metallics and conductive to fire-resistant, reflective and glow-in-the-dark.

Target Transfers: UltraColour Max Direct-to-Film Heat Transfers

The new UltraColour Max direct-to-film (DTF) heat transfers are a great option for full colour graphics when you only need to order one, says Target Transfers.

“For those already using UltraColour transfers, these will complement your existing offering by giving you smaller runs.”

UltraColour Max heat transfers are digitally printed using a DTF process developed by Target Transfers with Stahls’ and Transfer Express, and have been “industrially wash-tested to last the lifetime of the garment”.

All UltraColour Max DTF heat transfers are available in 55x55cm sheets

All UltraColour Max transfers are available in 55x55cm sheets, and users will be able to load as many transfers as they like onto the sheet to create a gang sheet.

Xpres: Sublimation Mugs, Hardboard Coasters and More

Xpres provides an array of print consumables that are ideal for decorators and end-users alike.

This includes the Sublimation Mugs and Double Walled Tumblers, as well as its range of water bottles, which come in both a gloss and matt finish.

“These are multi-use, eco-friendly products available in a wide variety of colours, all of which are ideal for personalising,” adds Xpres.

In addition, the company offers the classic Tote Bag, plus the Draw String Bag, which are both lightweight and perfect for decorating with sublimation print.

Another great option for personalisation, its Hardboard Coasters are practical and durable with a glossy photo finish.

Its Leather-Effect Keyrings also come with a blank front ready for sublimation, making a fantastic corporate or promotional product.

Xpres’s Sublimation Mugs and Hardboard Coasters are perfect for sublimation print

MagnaColours: MagnaPrint Foil Adhesive

The new MagnaPrint Foil Adhesive offers a super-soft print handle for a huge variety of different decorative foils, says MagnaColours.

“A key element of the water-based Foil Adhesive is its smaller, more refined particle size, which allows for stronger definition, crisper edges and finer details to be achieved in the foil areas of prints.

“The adhesive can be printed in combination with various MagnaColours inks, but it’s important to print in the last screen position and ensure that you apply an even ink deposit onto the fabric to provide sufficient adhesion to your foils.”

The new MagnaPrint Foil Adhesive can be printed in combination with various inks from MagnaColours

MagnaPrint Foil Adhesive is certified by the Gots and Oeko-Tex Eco Passport, and comes with Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Level 3 approval.

Colormaker Industries: Permatone Organic Screen Printing Inks

Permatone organic screen printing inks are designed to be safe for the printer, the wearer of the garment and the environment, says Colormaker Industries.

“Permatone inks deliver crisp, durable, soft and long-lasting prints that when printed on organic fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, linen, wood, seaweed, soybean and coconut fibre, result in a garment that retains its organic integrity,” the manufacturer comments.

Permatone screen printing inks are ready to use on a wide range of natural and synthetic fibres

The water-based inks are supplied ready to use on a wide range of natural and synthetic fibres, with no need to mix with a base or additives before you print, and don’t contain PVC resin or any solvents, phthalate or trimelitate plasticisers.

“Permatone inks don’t give off VCM fumes whilst curing, nor leach plasticisers into the skin of the person wearing the garment or into washing water,” adds Colormaker.

“Screens can be cleaned up with water, rather than needing solvents, and you can achieve a much softer handle and genuinely print wet-on-wet through 120 T mesh (305 tpi), rather than needing to flash after every second screen.”

There are 12 bases in the Permatone ink range, which “can be easily used to match 1,869 colours, including company logos and special brand colours”.

Permatone inks are also 85% biodegradable, and have been approved by the UK’s Soil Association to the latest Gots 6.0 standard.

GS UK: Gunold Embroidery Threads

“Gunold is recognised as one of the market leaders among embroidery thread producers in respect of sustainable, resource-preserving production processes,” says GS UK.

The company’s range of Gunold embroidery threads includes the eco-friendly Cotty Bio, which is made from 100% long staple, mercerised Egyptian cotton.

Gunold’s Cotty Bio embroidery thread is Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified

Cotty Bio is Gots-certified cultivated, twisted and dyed, with all further production steps, such as the winding of the final make-up, complying with the limit values specified by Gots (V6.0) for ‘ingredients and accessories’.

The organic cotton thread is also Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified, and is wound on recycled miniking cones of 500m.

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