This month’s standout decorated product is the 2016 staff jacket from GoCardless, an online direct debit provider.

Nicola Anderson, VP marketing at GoCardless, explains that the jackets started out as a gift for the company’s employees. “They were so popular that we now gift them to some of our clients and offer them as competition prizes at events that we are both hosting and attending. We’ve even expanded into beanie hats and tote bags.”

There is, she says, a huge demand for them: “We’ve had people offering to pay for them, asking us to set up a store to sell them and even offering us multiple other products as trade. We don’t, of course, accept any type of payment for them. We only ever order a limited number so they are given out to employees, clients and GoCardless fans.”

GoCardless used the Varsity Jacket from Just Hoods by AWDis, printed one-colour front and back by Awesome Merchandise in Leeds, on an M&R Sportsman.


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