As the weather gets warmer and thoughts turn to holidays, it’s time to learn a few phrases so the locals will understand when you ask for a beer. Remember that language app you downloaded in a fit of enthusiasm when you booked your trip to the Algarve? No? Thought not.

If, like us, you have a Duolingo app gathering virtual dust, panic not. The clever chaps at IconSpeak (I can speak, geddit?) have come up with an awesome T-shirt that lets you communicate with people wherever you are in the world simply by pointing to the right icon on your chest.

The company’s bestseller, the standard World Edition T-shirt, is made from pre-shrunk, 100% certified organic, soft spun cotton, and is printed on a direct-to-garment Brother printer in California, US.

Ensuring the icons included would make sense across the world took a lot of discussion – IconSpeak even went as far as investigating Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a theory on the psychology of motivation!

There is potential for the company to further develop the icons in a scientific way as well as collaborating with the travel community, founder Steven Streit told Images, adding: “We will see what the future brings.”


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