This month our attention was grabbed (and the hairs on the back of our neck raised) by a detailed single-colour print of a tarantula. The logo was designed by Mark Pennell, a committee member of the British Tarantula Society, and printed on 200 T-shirts for the 31st annual British Tarantula Society Exhibition that was held in Warwick in May.

“The new BTS logo featuring the globe is to reflect on our ever-growing international membership,” explains Mark. “Also, it’s a return to our roots as the original BTS logo featured a tarantula on a world.”

Tattoo artist Mark, who used to work at Carillion Print in Bristol and now owns tattoo studio Serious Ink (also based in Bristol), currently owns 15 tarantulas. A new species he and friend Dean Hewlett found in Borneo is named after them: Phormingochilus pennellhewletti.

Carillion printed the society’s shirts with the new single-colour, half-tone design on an M&R Diamondback automatic press.


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