Monster Press is known for its standout prints, and Black Light, designed by UK illustrator Craig Robson of Daggers For Teeth, is an excellent example of the print shop’s work

“We wanted to make a modern design that was influenced by old 1960s/70s’ blacklight posters, with a super ‘trippy’ design, but incorporating Craig’s signature style,” explains Will Petersen of Westbury-based Monster Press.

Black Light was printed using Rutland fluorescent inks on a soft discharge underbase. Most of the inks were straight out of the pot – “For once!” says Will – although the magenta and blue were custom-mixed. “Often we would use the white discharge base for the white in the design, but this wouldn’t have glowed well under blacklight so we added a top white and mixed with glow-in-the-dark ink to make it ‘pop’ a little more and also, obviously, glow in the dark.”


Under black light

There is also a small design on the front of the tee


It was printed on an MHM S-Type Xtreme 10-colour automatic press in the following order: discharge base, blue, green, magenta, orange, yellow, top white/glow. It was cured for two minutes at 180°C and is being used as a sample to show customers the quality of the printing available from Monster Press.

The oversize design is printed on the back of a Gildan Premium T-shirt, which also features a small print on the front.


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