Our eyeballs were grabbed this month by a dazzling display from Brighouse-based Axznt. The pictured rhinestone and DTG design was created for Déjà Vu Dance Crew from Glasgow, explains Axznt director Ess Green. Aptly enough, Déjà Vu was a returning customer who many will recognise as a the semi-final act from this year’s Britain’s Got Talent TV show.

“They travel quite a lot to perform and compete; on this occasion they were going to Germany for the European Championships,” explains Ess. The owner/choreographer Vicki Williamson said that she wanted something colourful with a little bit of bling including the German flag, and from that brief Ess created a design using Corel Draw with “royalty-free urban vector elements, halftones and a bit of imagination”.

Axznt specialises in rhinestone design (Ess’s business partner is Lizzie Carr of Rhinestones Online), and has a plotting machine imported from Asia, which came with rhinestone software. “We can produce rhinestone transfers with up to five different sizes or colours,” says Ess. “There was approximately 850 rhinestones in each design. The print itself was done using our newly acquired Epson SC-F2000 DTG printer. The quality of the result was down to the correct pre-treatment ratio, which takes some testing. I use a 2:1 ratio of de-ionised water/pre-treatment as a guide, but tend to put a little extra pre-treatment in to make it a little bit thicker to help the white base sit better, therefore [resulting in] brighter colours.”

The T-shirt used was the B&C Exact 150 as it is available for a wide range of ages, which is essential for a dance school where the ages range from four to 20 years old.

“We really try to fuse different types of printing media together for a dynamic result – follow us on Instagram for ideas and get in touch for advice if you need any! We can produce bespoke rhinestone transfers for you to offer more to your clients,” says Ess.


Déjà Vu Dance Crew in Germany

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