DecoNetwork has announced the DecoNetwork 8.504 update, which adds enhanced integration with the BTC Activewear catalogue.

The new latest version of DecoNetwork’s online design and business tools suite for printers and embroiderers now allows users to directly send their purchase orders to BTC Activewear using the new Live Ordering feature. 

Live Ordering is easily configured, reports DecoNetwork, which has released a new video walk-through showing how to use the new feature and benefit from the enhanced functionality when working with BTC Activewear purchase orders , including live stock updates and live pricing.

When users have selected the items to purchase a click of their mouse sends the purchase order directly from DecoNewtork to BTC Activewear.

View the instructional video above or here:

The update also now allows separate decoration pricing groups to be created and set, so different decoration tables and prices can be applied to select groups of customers or certain websites, plus users can now set the quality of the thumbnails to be displayed and campaign sites can be created with multiple products for sale.

The full DecoNetwork 8.504 update release notes can be viewed here –