DecoNetwork, the software platform for garment decorators, has appointed its first DecoPro for the UK and the rest of Europe – a freelance professional providing services to its clients.

With the help of a specialist team, Kevin Jarvis has set up a consultancy to help companies to implement and make the most of DecoNetwork.

He has over 30 years’ experience in creating and developing sportswear brands and more recently worked with Leicestershire-based Workwear Direct to build its business using DecoNetwork.

As DecoPro, he offers a free consultation by video or telephone of about 30 to 40 minutes to understand a client’s business and what it needs from the DecoNetwork platform.

He will then find ways to help set DecoNetwork up to best suit each business with minimum disruption.

He said his principal objective as a DecoPro consultant was to assist businesses in “implementing and harnessing the full power of DecoNetwork” and to “quickly see a return on investment”.

Kevin counts his most significant achievement as creating women’s sportswear brand USA Pro, which reached a turnover of £12 million at retail before being acquired by Sports Direct in 2007.

He later negotiated the European licence for Elle Sport, which reached £6 million in sales before being bought by a venture capital company in 2017.

After discovering DecoNetwork, he used the platform to develop a value-added business-to-business model which he subsequently proved through the project with Workwear Direct.

“The results are outstanding with Workwear Direct winning significant contracts with national businesses in the first two months of trading, purely on the ‘added value’ power of DecoNetwork,” he said.

Based in the US, DecoNetwork provides an online design, e-commerce and business management software solution for garment printing and embroidery. It already has DecoPro partners in the US such as Michigan-based Tommy Vann.