DecoNetwork will launch its latest update next month, which will include two new software features.

Available in the UK from October, DecoNetwork Version 8.502 will be a free, automatic update for current users. The updated software will include two new features: ‘Calendar View’ and ‘Quote Mode’.

The new ‘Calendar View’ will feature full integration with DecoNetwork’s current production workflow, and will allow users to move between two types of production views: weekly and monthly. In weekly view, users can see a detailed breakdown of their production queue orders, as well as statuses and internal notes. This information can also be viewed in the monthly view, but with the added ability to view and map production workflow for the entire calendar month, giving users “a better look into trends, patterns, and the ability to accommodate for bigger production orders with a quick calendar glance”, said the company.

The ‘Quote Mode’ feature removes all prices from the front end website to only allow for quote request submissions from customers through the checkout process. It also enables customers to choose and launch a product onto the Online Designer, where they can customise the product with their artwork and proceed to request a quote without the need for upfront payments. “You no longer need to swap emails, make phone calls or set appointments to meet with customers just to provide a quote,” explained DecoNetwork.