A new feature has been added for DecoNetwork, the online platform for garment decorators, that allows for integration with WordPress-based websites.

Subscribers can tap into the new option through a custom application programming interface, or API, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

It was developed by software engineer Muzammal Rajpoot, who has helped to build more than 100 stores for DecoNetwork customers over the past five years. He worked with DecoNetwork user GarmentDecor, based in California, to integrate WordPress.

The integration allows users to work as a fulfilment centre, use payment gateways such as Apple Pay, Amazon, Google, 2Checkout and cryptocurrency, use NetSuite, sync catalogues with Facebook and Instagram, analyse Google and Facebook reports to convert visitors to orders, export orders and users via .csv files, and seamlessly pull images from DecoNetwork.

It means users can design more robust and advanced websites with WordPress and have more plug-in availability with WordPress.

Muzammal said: “This integration is super-powerful and combines all of the benefits of DecoNetwork and WordPress into one.

“I’m getting the job done programmatically. It will boost your WordPress website speed a lot more. I spent around eight months with different problem-solving skills to build an optimised and reusable system.

“Many DecoNetwork users aim to work as a fulfilment centre. The DecoNetwork and WordPress integration opens a door for all of you to achieve your desired goals.”

For example, he said: “Let’s assume you’ve been running a WordPress website for the past five years and you don’t want to lose your website Google ranking, and you also need the complete screen printing and embroidery shop management software for your business.”

The DecoNetwork platform helps print and embroidery businesses to manage their production workflow and launch e-commerce stores.

To use the new integration with a DecoNetwork subscription, users must have DecoNetwork API access which is available through its Enterprise and Legacy plans.