David Luke School Uniform has announced it will now operate within a new group structure known as The Parently Group.

As a parent company to flagship brand David Luke School Uniform, as well as Grass & Air and the newly launched Juco activewear brands, the “family-centric principles of The Parently Group brand portfolio will underpin an ambitious growth strategy, which will be scaled by increased focus on e-commerce and building brand awareness in consumer markets”.

“For 38 years, David Luke has championed the people, customers and suppliers it has encountered on its journey,” commented managing director Kathryn Shuttleworth.

“The ethos of David and Adrian, the founding members, was about building a business that was strong enough to withstand the competitive and economic environment for the long-term, whilst having a positive impact on all those it met along the way.

“This philosophy has continued, with the view that the business exists beyond the people currently leading it, and that it should be kept fit to evolve and thrive as the landscape around it changes.

“The ethos from the early days has continued, and with the ‘Durability in Mind, Ethics at Heart’ approach, the desire to create long-lasting products that help parents look after their children and their future, has guided all that we do.”

Kathryn added: “For David Luke, school uniform has been such a sharp focus and it has been a significant part of business growth. With new brands having now been developed, such as Grass & Air and Juco, along with a need to broaden the risk profile of the business, it’s time to spread our wings wider, so we can expand into the world beyond school uniform alone.

“But we feel so strongly that the spirit of David Luke should continue to run through the whole organisation and its brands, that we are forming a group structure that captures the values and culture that has been so critical to the evolution of the business since it started.”