David Luke has announced its membership status of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), which helps its members to “trade ethically and make a positive difference to workers lives”. The schoolwear supplier joined the ETI on 5 December 2019.

“Working with the ETI, we hope to gain more insights into workers within our supply chain, develop a better ethical trade strategy, fully map our supply chain and commit further to responsible practices,” explained David Luke. 

The company’s managing director, Kathryn Shuttleworth, added: “It has always been important to us at David Luke to do the right thing by our supply chain, and the long-term relationships we have had over many years with our factory partners mean we have been able to ensure high levels of trust and cooperation. 

“But joining a scheme like the Ethical Trade Initiative, it means we join a globally recognised organisation working for the good of all workers. It will help us apply best practice within our supply chain, and share all the good things that are achieved through our factories as the need for greater transparency of global sourcing grows.”

The ETI Base Code is an internationally recognised set of labour standards based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions, which are used by ETI members and others to drive improvements in working conditions around the world.