Dave Roper is bringing app control to transfer printing with the new TC7 and TC5 Smart modular heat presses from Secabo

“The latest developments mean that the TC7 and TC5 Smart come equipped with a Bluetooth interface that allows for controlling the press via a free app called Secabo Smart Transfer,” explains Dave Roper. “This application on your mobile device will also give the user access to a comprehensive function database; just enter the type of fabric and the transfer material and immediately retrieve the matching combinations of temperature, time and pressure.” The app also offers the calculation of heat-up times and warning functions.

Both presses include settings for pre-pressing, a counter function, sleep and auto-off mode and 10 memory locations for transfer parameters.

The TC7 offers a work surface of 40cm x 50cm while the TC5’s work surface is 38cm x 38cm. Both these automatic knee-lever presses have a modular design to allow for quick and easy installation of removable plates in various formats, a quick-change system and a slide extension. They both have a maximum temperature of 225ºC, a maximum pressure of 250g/cm2 and a maximum clam angle of 40º.

Dave Roper continues: “The control concept has been completely reworked to further improve press handling for the user – the new rotary push button and the large display are significant contributions here.”