Rachel’s first screen using Amex Dual Emulsion

According to Dave Roper, videos and pictures on the company’s social media pages of the first screen from customer Rachel have been attracting a bit of attention – and so Dave Roper has decided to let Images readers in on the secret of what she used.

“The Amex Dual Emulsion is the key to this great creation. This is a fantastic and easy to use emulsion; great for all levels of screen printer,” the company advises. It is available in 1 kg or 5 kg sizes and comes with the required sensitiser for activation. Dave Roper reports that the emulsion has a fast exposure time, is easy to reclaim and can be used with plastisol, discharge and water-based inks (Rachel was using a water-based ink from the Virus range that Dave Roper also supplies).

“To help apply the emulsion we offer the emulsion scoop coaters, which also come in various sizes,” adds the company, which suggests the following top tip for selecting the right size scoop: “Remember that most screens are measured from the outside edge and there is normally 4 inches of screen frame to account for; so, for example, for a 20 x 24 inch screen you will need a 16 inch scoop.”



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