The Vastex V2000 and V100 from Dalesway Print Technology

Dalesway advises printers to invest in success with a professional quality screen printing press. The company sells the full range of Vastex machines in the UK, explaining: “As the original inventor and patent holder of the rotary carousel, Vastex knows a thing or two about what makes a good press, and this knowledge and expertise goes into each precision-designed and engineered Vastex system.

“If you need a reliable press that can hold registration accurately all day on multi-colour jobs, Vastex delivers this across the range, even at the entry level.” The presses are all upgradeable too, allowing them to grow with the business.

For companies that value their time, Dalesway recommends the flagship V2000, which it calls its “go-to manual press”, offering 100% tool-free micro-registration for quick and easy use.

The compact, entry level V100 promises high quality engineering: “Imagine the precision engineering required to offer an ‘all-heads-down’ press that can hold accurate registration, then add steel pallets all round, and you have a V100. The V100 offers beginners a professional solution to get started in screen printing with the minimum of space in a truly capable and reliable press.”


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