The DriVault screen dryer from Dalesway

“Dalesway has every aspect of screen printing pre-press covered with top quality tools by Vastex,” says the company. “Coat your screens effortlessly and precisely with a C100 screen coating rack. This amazing tool gives you consistency like never before. Even old pros are amazed at the results they get using a Vastex screen coating rack.”

After the screens are coated, Dalesway recommends putting them into a DriVault screen drying cabinet where it says they will dry in around 20 minutes “without the risk of contamination”. The Vastex LED exposure unit, which has a three-year warranty, can then be used to expose the screen, and UV fluorescent units are available for those with smaller budgets.

“The many benefits of LED screen exposure units by Vastex include: 50,000- 100,000 hour LED bulb life, speed and detail equivalent to the best metal halide units, three to 10 times faster exposure than UV fluorescent units, 80% less power consumption than metal halide, and there is no light variation as the LED bulbs age. It’s a win-win situation,” explains Dalesway.

Also available is the FilmMarker RIP, which Dalesway says ensures “perfect artwork every time”.


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