One Flex Plus in new blue colour

Introducing new high-performance Sublimation Paper, improved One Flex Plus and new PU Effects vinyls

Dae Ha has announced the launch of new, high performance Sublimation Papers this autumn/winter season. The new papers are said to boast superb anti-ghosting properties and have been manufactured to give brighter, more vivid printed results.

The new papers use “a unique production process that is exclusive to Dae Ha and which allows for faster and more precise printing of profile images, to achieve the perfect print, and with no curling or folding of the paper”, explains Dae Ha UK.

The new Sublimation Paper range comprises two types of paper. The all-round Multi-Purpose (M-Type) paper has been developed for printing on soft and hard substrates, such as polyester-based textiles, mugs, phone cases and tiles, while the Stretch (S-Type) paper, with added adhesive tack, is “perfect for adhering to shiny, slippery, stretch fabrics, such as swimsuits, sportswear and banners”, and has been developed to eliminate ghosting and loss of details due to textile shrinkage, or movements in the transfer process, on these fabrics. “Stretch Type will help you reduce production errors and increase the quality of the finished product,” says Dae Ha UK.

Both types of paper are suitable for application onto Dae Ha Design Film, Metallic Flex, Holographic Flex, Glitter Flex, Subli Fabric and Subli Flock, reports Dae Ha UK.

The new Sublimation Paper will be available in up to seven weight variations, to suit various applications and handing purposes, two sheet sizes, and six roll widths up to 1,620mm wide.

Email Dae Ha UK to receive samples of the new Sublimation Papers as soon as they are available.

One Flex Plus

Dae Ha’s hugely popular One Flex PU for everyday HTV printing is now even more user friendly following a small enhancement. “Customers will find that One Flex is even easier to weed, while maintaining its notable

ability to cut and weed ultra-fine detail, while removing the hot-peel release liner after pressing will become completely effortless,” says Dae Ha UK.

The One Flex range also welcomes the addition of five new colours, increasing the colour palette to a total of 47 hues. Dae Ha now also has the ability to produce custom (and exclusive) One Flex colours, subject to MOQs.

Dae Ha Uk UV Activated PU unactivated

Dae Ha UK’s new UV activated without UV

Dae Ha UK’s new UV Activated PU activated

Dae Ha UK’s new UV Activated PU after UV activation

New high performance Sublimation Paper

New high-performance Sublimation Paper from Dae Ha UK

Subli Fabric HTV

The company previously launched four new HTV products through late spring, including the exclusive Subli Fabric HTV. This woven fabric HTV allows for full-colour sublimation printing onto cotton or polyester, plus cotton/polyester and acrylic/ polyester blends. Plotter cutting, weeding and pressing performance is reported to be similar to all other Dae Ha HTV lines, with the design then sublimation printed onto the woven surface “to create stunning images, with a fabric feel”.

Also new is the PU Effects category on the Dae Ha UK website, which presents Carbon PU, in four colours; a single-press 3D Puff PU in two colours; and UV Activated PU, which changes colour under both cloudy and sunny conditions, and comes in a choice of four colours.

Rhino plotter-cutters and Lotus heat presses

Looking beyond its HTV line-up, Dae Ha UK also supplies the Rhinotec RC Xa-Series of plotter-cutters. These futuristic-looking machines offer a user-friendly, high-speed and versatile 630mm cutting system, automated contour-cut ability, access to Rhino Explore – an exclusive and free vector website – and are backed by a two-year (new exchange) warranty.

Also available fromDae Ha UK, Lotus heat presses incorporate unique Mika-Tech smart heating technology for “the most accurate and even heating of the platen on the market”, and are ergonomically

designed for “effortless use day in day out, now matter how hard they are worked”.

The presses come in manual, semiautomatic and pneumatic versions, and a range of sizes from S to 2XL. Many models feature the ability to use quick-change lower platens, which enable the user to easily convert their press into a cap press or to add heated lower platens. Lotus presses are designed for long-term, reliable performance and come with an industry-leading two-year warranty.