Dae Ha UK’s No.1 Instant Peel Ultra Colour DTF Film promises vivid colours

Dae Ha UK’s No.1 Instant Peel Ultra Colour DTF Film promises vivid colours

New HTV options and DTF films using recycled blended polyester, plus Italian-made heat presses

Now producing more than 500 different colour/texture heat transfer vinyl (HTV) combinations, premium Korean manufacturer Dae Ha continues to grow by offering an “unrivalled quality to price ratio” across what Dae Ha UK says “has become the largest selection of garment decoration films available anywhere in the UK and Europe”.

The UK distributor adds: “With the family-owned Korean manufacturer’s commitment to quality and sustainability, Dae Ha is a global leader as the only manufacturer in its field to produce all its HTV and direct-to-film (DTF) films in Class 1,000 Clean Rooms, while using recycled blended polyesters backed up by certification from Control Union.”

Instant-peel DTF film

Dae Ha Korea’s global No.1 Instant Peel Ultra Colour DTF Film “breaks the mould, promising premium quality, stability, and genuine instant hot peel for the softest true colour and ultra-vivid transfers”.

Dae Ha UK comments: “Using 100% Dae Ha advanced coating technology coupled with precision manufacturing, an extensive 12-month development programme has allowed the company to produce an Oeko-Tex-certified DTF film with the highest ink absorption to create the most vivid of transfers, while our specially formulated release coating ensures a genuine instant hot peel on a consistent and stable platform, roll after roll after roll.

“Then factor in energy cost savings during oven curing, at temperatures as low as 75°C, and lower ink and hot melt powder consumption, to further see and feel the Dae Ha difference.”

The film can be combined with the only UK-manufactured DTF ink – by Indie Ink – which is specifically formulated for Dae Ha DTF Film, enhancing the special coatings that are applied to the film. The result is “true colours, maximum opacity and the most vibrant of transfers available”.

Dae Ha UK's striking Chameleon range has been expanded to include Spectrum, a film with a unique aurora effect that creates a “near infinite” amount of colours
The brand’s striking Chameleon range has been expanded to include Spectrum, a film with a unique aurora effect that creates a “near infinite” amount of colours
The Lotus Large Format Pneumatic LTS 690 from Dae Ha UK uses Mika-Tech smart heating technology
The Lotus Large Format Pneumatic LTS 690 uses Mika-Tech smart heating technology

New HTV effects

The strength of the HTV market has never been more apparent, despite the hype surrounding DTF printing.

With special effects that just cannot be replicated with DTF films, Dae Ha has introduced 10 new HTVs, and a further 170 colours and patterns within its stable of products, to help expand customer creativity. These have proved fit for French fashion houses and major sportswear brands through to home projects, plus every type of garment decoration in between.

The brand’s best-selling One Flex HTV continues to grow in colours and sales, while the striking Chameleon range has expanded to include Pearl, Spectrum and a stunning Luminous effect. For active/sportswear decoration, the company has introduced the ultimate Stretch Flex and the breathable Mesh Flex HTV for added comfort.

Responsibly sourced

With a strong focus on provenance and responsibility, Dae Ha says that what sets it apart is that all of the HTV and DTF film sold by the company contains raw materials that have been ethically and responsibly sourced, and manufactured by Dae Ha with Environmental ISO 14001:2015 & Quality ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

“With its commitment to quality and innovation, it’s no wonder that Dae Ha has become one of the leading HTV and DTF manufacturers in the UK and Europe market,” points out Dae Ha UK.

Lotus heat presses

Hand-built in Italy since 1972, Lotus heat presses use high-grade materials, electronics and wiring to ensure longevity that surpasses all others,” reports Dae Ha UK, the brand’s exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland.

“The unique Mika-Tech smart heating technology provides the most accurate and even heating of the platen on the market, and all presses are ergonomically friendly and effortless for use day in, day out, no matter how hard they are worked.

“Lotus presses are durable, very robust, and come with an industry-leading two-year warranty for all parts, and a 10-year warranty for the unique individual heating elements.”

Dae Ha UK further advises that, “with a multitude of heat press manufacturers to choose from, you need to be sure that you’re going to get a great return on your investment. A press that won’t let you down, no matter how hard you work it.”

All Lotus presses are available for fast delivery, and custom presses are a speciality.