Dae Ha’s DTF film promises premium quality, stability, and a genuine instant hot peel
Pioneering greater sustainability throughout 2024
“Dae Ha, the Korean manufacturer renowned for exporting HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and DTF (direct-to-film) films worldwide, is forging ahead in its commitment to sustainability,” says UK distributor, Dae Ha UK.

“Presenting an expansive range of over 500 distinct colour and texture combinations in HTV and DTF film, Dae Ha stands out, offering unparalleled quality at an enticing price point, thus establishing the largest array of garment decoration films in the UK and Europe.”

Dae Ha HTV innovations In the midst of the widespread fascination with all things DTF, Dae Ha has taken a bold step forward. Responding to the revitalised 2023 HTV market, the company is expanding its product range for 2024. This move introduces 12 new HTV products and 200 additional colours and patterns.

Catering to diverse market sectors, from French fashion houses to major sportswear brands and home-based projects, noteworthy additions include the continuously expanding, bestselling One Flex, now available in an array of colours. The 3D Puff range sees the inclusion of high-shine metallic additions, while the outstanding Chameleon range is now enriched with Pearl, Spectrum, and Luminous effects. The active/sportswear-focused Stretch Flex and breathable Mesh Flex HTV ensure both comfort and functionality.

New for 2024, high-shine Puff Pu Metallic
New for 2024, high-shine Puff Pu Metallic
One Flex, the "eco HTV"
One Flex, the “eco HTV”
Instant Peel Ultra Colour DTF Film “At the forefront of eco-friendly solutions, Dae Ha has introduced the Instant Peel Ultra Colour DTF Film, globally recognised as the leading choice for quality, consistency, and health benefits,” says Dae Ha UK.

“This DTF film offers the most consistent quality roll after roll due to its advanced water-based coating, accompanied by Oeko-Tex and Blended Recycled Polyester certifications. The film ensures premium quality, stability, and a genuine instant hot peel, delivering soft, true-colour, and vivid transfers.

“Crafted through advanced water-based coating technology and a meticulous 12-month development programme, Dae Ha’s DTF film boasts the highest ink absorption for vibrant transfers. Moreover, the film facilitates energy-cost savings during oven curing, operating at temperatures as low as 75°C, while reducing ink and hot melt powder consumption, showcasing the distinctive advantages of Dae Ha’s film range.”

Polyurethane Hot Melt Powder Arriving in early 2024, the premium quality, Oeko-Tex-approved Polyurethane Hot Melt Powder perfectly complements the Dae Ha DTF film. It is suitable for all fabrics, features “superb stretch properties” and gives an excellent soft feel.

Indie Ink To further enhance colours and opacity, Dae Ha recommends pairing its DTF Film with the UK-manufactured DTF Ink by Indie Ink. This specifically formulated Oeko-Tex-approved ink enhances the coatings on the film, resulting in vibrant and true-colour transfers.

“Combining Dae Ha DTF Film, Hot Melt Powder, and Indie Ink ensures Oeko-Tex-approved transfers, symbolising both quality and greater sustainability with no harmful substances for users or the planet.”

Lotus Press In tandem with Dae Ha’s commitment to quality and sustainability, Lotus Press, Italian heat press manufacturer since 1972, brings the “most sustainable heat presses” to the world of heat-applied garment decoration and production thanks to “low-energy consumption and overall product longevity”. Built with high-grade materials and unique Mika-Tech smart heating technology, the made-in-Milan presses offer “unparalleled reliability and the most ergonomically friendly heat press solutions”. Custom presses are a speciality.

“With an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, Dae Ha has ascended to a leadership position in the HTV and DTF manufacturing landscape within the UK and Europe,” notes Dae Ha UK.

Explore its extensive offerings at the Dae Ha UK website, “where sustainable excellence meets cutting-edge solutions.”