Announcing a “world-first”, the use of recycled blended polyester in heat transfer vinyl PET liners

Dae Ha, the Korean manufacturer of heat transfer vinyls (HTVs) and its UK distributor Dae Ha UK wishes to thank every customer who has supported the company through what has been another challenging year. “We truly appreciate each and every order, and wish everyone in the industry the very best for 2022,”says the company.

Recycled polyester for HTV

Dae Ha is also “very proud to introduce a world-first in the industry” – namely, the use of recycled blended polyester in all of its HTV PET liners, supported by certification from Control Union. The company reports that it will continue to invest in this area as it strives for breakthrough technology that will allow it to become the first manufacturer to produce 100% sustainable or recyclable HTV.

In addition, Dae Ha UK says it has eliminated all internal non-recyclable waste being sent to landfill by using an ‘Energy from Waste’ facility, which turns what would otherwise be landfill waste into electricity for homes – and Dae Ha UK customers are now being invited to take part in the scheme. “During 2022, Dae Ha UK will offer a service to customers whereby we will ensure customer-weeded HTV and PET liner will be turned into energy for homes, and not discarded into landfill,” it promises.

New HTV for 2022

Despite already offering more than 300 different colours and types of HTV, Dae Ha has a slew of new products for 2022.

These include a host of new colours for the “exceptional” One Flex PU, Premium Glitter and 3D Puff PU ranges, as well as in the High Build HTV range, plus more colours have been introduced in the “ultra-economical” Classic Flex for Cad-cut and digital print. The company’s sublimation product range has also been expanded to include additional paper and rolls, along with a greater choice for sublimation HTVs.

“With year-on-year global expansion, Dae Ha will remain at the forefront of heat transfer technology and, with some top-secret developments progressing well, we’re excited for 2022,” says the company.

Dae Ha UK now offers an expanded range of sublimation products

Exclusive Vinyl Lift-Off Remover

Exclusive to Dae Ha UK, AlbaChem’s Vinyl Lift-Off Remover (VLR) completely removes vinyl letters and residues from most fabrics, and transfers such as tagless labels. “Highly effective and fast-drying, VLR saves you time and money by dramatically reducing ‘seconds’, ensuring greater sustainability,” says the company, adding that it is “the most powerful HTV remover on the market”. Approved by global brands, VLR does not contain methylene chloride (dichloromethane) or carcinogens.

Lotus presses

“With customers such as Prada, Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, Reebok, YSL and Puma, Lotus Press can stand shoulder to shoulder amongst these global heavyweights,” declares Dae Ha UK. “Hand-built in Italy since 1972, Lotus presses use high-grade European-sourced materials, electronics and wiring to ensure their longevity that surpasses all others.”

Lotus presses are available in manual, semi-automatic or pneumatic versions, and custom presses and unique features are a speciality. “The unique Mika-Tech smart heating technology provides the most accurate and even heating of the platen on the market, and all presses are ergonomically friendly and effortless to use day in day out, no matter how hard they’re worked. Lotus presses are extremely durable, reliable, robust and sustainable.”

Lotus and Dae Ha UK are continuing their heat press promotion in 2022, whereby you’ll receive an eWallet credit, worth 20%* of the value of the press you have purchased, on the Dae Ha UK website that you can spend against multiple orders for HTV. There is no time limit on the eWallet credit.

*Total order value(s) includes VAT and any applicable delivery charges.