Stay a cut above the rest with our sharp line-up of the latest laser cutting and engraving technology on offer from five industry suppliers

Graphtec GB: WID Innovations C Series Laser Engraving/Cutting Machines

The latest C Series of laser engraving/cutting systems from WID Innovations has been developed to meet the varying skill levels of both entry-level and seasoned professional machine operators, says exclusive UK and Ireland distributor, Graphtec GB.

“The C Series will handle a wide range of disparate materials, including acrylic and various plastics, marble, glass, slate, solid woods, laminates, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metals and alloys, such as brass, copper and zinc.”

The C Series laser engraving/cutting systems will handle a wide range of disparate materials, says Graphtec GB

The C Series is available in four different-sized models (500, 700, 900 and 1,000), with processing areas of 700 x 500mm, 1,000 x 700mm, 1,300 x 900mm and 1,600 x 1,000mm respectively. The machines come invariable speeds of up to 90,000mm/min on the 500 model, and 72,000mm/min on the 700, 900 and 1,000 models.

Key design features of the C Series include a 150mm, adjustable machine height facility and automatic temperature and air control systems, as well as smoke/dust extraction and waste retrieval units. The machines also have an optional auto-focus-empowered CCD camera, which is designed to ensure precise engraving/cutting accuracy on different materials/objects for even the most complex applications, adds Graphtec GB.

“The machines also incorporate a CO2 tube and, on selective models, radio frequency lasers with power ratings ranging from 60W on the 500 and 700 models, and incrementally up to 120W on the 900 and 1,000 models.”

Trotec: Speedy Laser Cutters

Designed for fast and efficient processing, the Speedy series of laser cutters offers endless application possibilities and a host of benefits to the textiles industry, says Trotec.

“The Speedy lasers boast processing speeds up to 4.3m/s, and offer pinpoint accuracy, from cutting finely detailed designs to engraving large areas.

“The ability to switch between cutting and engraving also makes it easy for businesses to switch production to different materials and applications without additional outlay,” comments Trotec.

Speedy laser cutters offer processing speeds up to 4.3m/s

An optional Trotec Vision camera feature uses registration marks to automatically adjust the cutting path, ensuring accuracy on printed materials, adds the company.

“All Speedy machines are complemented by the intuitive Ruby laser software – combining graphic and laser software in one, designs can be created and sent to the laser, offering a seamless workflow from initial idea to finished product.”

GS UK: Summa L Series L1810 Laser Cutter

The Summa L Series L1810 is a laser cutting solution that’s especially suitable for cutting printed fabrics, sportswear and dye-sublimated garments, says GS UK.

“The system is also popular for the cutting of all sorts of raw materials used in the composite industry, such as carbon fibres, composites, thermoset and thermoplastics.”

The L1810 is available in two models, with and without the Vision system, with easy media handling options added to further improve workflow.

The L1810 is available in two models, with and without the Vision system

It’s also equipped with a working area width of 1.8m, plus a state-of-the-art camera and conveyor with de-reeler.

“The Vision technology scans the material on the cutting bed, automatically creates a cut vector and cuts the whole roll without operator intervention — this on-the-fly cutting principle reduces idle periods considerably,” adds GS UK.

“The L1810 Vision is ideal for use in high-production environments that demand fast processing of printed textiles in order to achieve more throughput in less time.

“The L Series models are equipped with a sealed RF laser source, and a stainless steel honeycomb vacuum conveyor that will accurately feed and cut any length shape or nested design with unrivalled speed.”

Roland DG: LV Series Laser Engravers

The LV Series of laser engravers delivers reliable, high-quality output when cutting, engraving, and marking complex shapes and text on an extensive range of materials, says Roland DG.

Perfect for giftware and personalised products, the LV series is “compact and easy-to-use on plastic, wood, leather or cork, for a smooth finish without burrs, eliminating the need for final touch-up work”.

The LV series enables engraving on plastic, wood, leather and cork

“By using a non-contact CO2 laser, with no engraving cutters to break or wear out, the machine maintains a beautifully clean-cut finish with no degradation in quality,” reports the company.

The LV Series includes the LV-290 and LV-180 machines, which each come with an automatic safety interlock mechanism that stops laser activation if the cover opens during processing, adds Roland DG.

“LED lighting also illuminates the work area, allowing visual process checks in line with safety protocols during the engraving production process,” it continues.

“The LV-290 also comes fitted with a CCD camera, which allows materials to contour cut UV-printed graphics accurately.

“In addition, it can pair with the VersaUV LEF2 printer for a one-stop solution, printing photo-realistic colour, textures and simulated 3D embossing on objects up to 100mm thick.”

CSI Manufacturing: Epilog Fusion Edge Laser Series

CSI Manufacturing, the UK and Ireland distributor for Epilog, says the new Fusion Edge laser series takes Epilog’s highest-quality engraving technology and incorporates it into smaller format systems, which allows customers to get the latest technology in a transportable format.

The Fusion Edge machines feature a touchscreen display panel, on-screen artwork positioning with the IRIS camera system, and job trace functionality for quick and easy artwork set-up.

The new Fusion Edge laser series from Epilog offers decorators a smaller format option

“A high-quality motion control system with long-life metal/ceramic tube from 30 watts to 80 watts delivers accuracy and consistency over the whole working table,” reports CSI.

“The job control software is one of the most user-friendly in the industry and compatible with most mainstream graphics packages, eg CorelDraw, Illustrator, AutoCad, etc.”

The Fusion Edge CO2 laser is available in three size formats, with the Edge 12 available with an optional Fiber laser source. The Fusion Edge 12 measures 610 x 305mm; the Fusion Edge 24 is 610 x 610mm; the Fusion Edge is 914 x 610mm; and the Fusion Edge Fiber 12 is 610 x 305 mm.

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