Boho and Bowie has designed and screen printed fundraising T-shirts for a charity promoting the long-term conservation of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs in London

The lifestyle and apparel company created its ‘Megalosaurus Needs Us’ design exclusively to help raise funds to repair the damaged Megalosaurus statue at Crystal Palace Park, with £2 from the sale of every T-shirt donated to the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs charity.

The 30 life-size statues of dinosaurs and other extinct animals are on Historic England’s National Heritage List for England as Grade 1 listed monuments, and were added to its ‘Heritage at Risk Register’ in February 2020.

Chloe Wass, owner of Boho and Bowie, said: “The Crystal Palace Dinos are a sentimental part of my childhood when I saw an opportunity to help, I did!

“I approached the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs with the design, and they were more than happy with the idea and have been absolutely supportive ever since.”

Since July, the company has sold nearly 150 of unlimited run T-shirts, which feature the damaged Megalosaurus printed on the front and the words ‘Preserve The Past, Protect The Future’ on the back. 

Chloe screen printed her designs using custom-exposed screens and water-based inks from Hunt The Moon onto the #E150 T-Shirt from B&C Collection, supplied by Buy T-shirts Online.

“After the initial success, I’ve added a limited edition Christmas design, ‘Dinos Are For Life Not Just For Christmas’,” she added.

“An increase in attention to the Dinos’ plight, and subsequent announcement that funds have now been raised for the repair, has garnered attention elsewhere and I’ve just featured in Timeout Magazine, and am advertising locally in SE20 magazine.

“As work progresses to secure funding for the future preservation of the Dinos, I will look to create further designs it’s a great project to make a contribution to!”

The Megalosaurus designs were screen printed onto the #E150 T-Shirt from B&C Collection