Threads, inks, films, transfer papers – our annual consumables showcase has everything an embroiderer or printer needs to decorate all-year round

Stocks Sewing Machines: Isacord embroidery threads

”Isacord polyester continuous filament embroidery thread is one of the most popular embroidery threads for commercial and industrial embroidery machines,” says Stocks. “With over 390 different colours, Isacord offers endless possibilities, and a guarantee that every embroiderer will find the right colour for their work.” 

Stocks offers Isacord thread and other embroidery consumables

According to the company, Isacord embroidery threads are suitable for a vast range of applications, including home interior, apparel, automotive, shoes and leather, as they are “abrasion-resistant, robust and hold excellent colour-fastness”.

The durability of the threads also makes them perfect for embroidery on tougher textiles, such as jeans, adds Stocks. Amann Group, which manufactures Isacord, also offers Serafil Fine, Isamet Metallic, Isa Texlight glow-in-the-dark and much more. Stocks sells Isacord embroidery threads in both 1,000m and 5,000m cones; it also offers backings, toppings, bobbins, scissors and machine accessories.

Dae Ha UK: One Flex and One Print PU Films

Dae Ha has developed “possibly the most user-friendly PU films ever produced” – One Flex and One Print. One Flex combines all the features garment decorators look for in single-colour PU films, says Dae Ha UK. Clearly visible plotter cut-lines allow users to “effortlessly weed out intricate designs”, and with an application temperature as low as 120°C, or a quick-press in five seconds, it reduces and/or eliminates press marks on temperature-sensitive garments such as polyesters. One Flex will be available from September in black, white and rose gold, with the remaining 39 colours available from November.

One Flex has an application temperature as low as 120°C, says Dae Ha UK

Dae Ha UK adds: “Hot Peel speeds up the printing process further, leaving a thin, 30 microns silky soft transfer that has superb stretch and rebound properties, so no separate stretch PU film is required.” The film can be multi-layered and there is no curling when it is cut into smaller sheets. 

One Print is the new Dae Ha Digital PU film, which now includes True Vis and Max 3 ink compatibility. Available in four widths – 500mm, 750mm, 1,000mm and 1,500mm– it promises to reproduce bright, vivid colours and weed out fine designs fast (there is no adhesive backing) and, once transferred to an application tape, can be pressed onto garments straight away. One Print will be available from September.

Adelco: Kornit Eco Rapid inks

The new range of Kornit Eco Rapid inks provides even brighter colours, no odour, a wider colour gamut and a softer feel suitable for retail requirements, says Adelco. “The results are truly incredible. The prints are solid, photo-realistic, with intricate fine details and vivid colours,” it adds. Kornit ink has been designed and refined over the years, resulting in an environmental, cost-effective and higher quality option for apparel and textile printing needs, Adelco reports. In the ISO STD test, it scored four out of five for wash-fastness and 4.5 out of five for crock-fastness.

The new Kornit Eco Rapid inks promise brighter colours and a softer feel

Other benefits of Kornit ink include its patented integrated pre-treatment, says the company, which eliminates the need for any external pre-treatment process, saving both time and money. Kornit HD ink is also “more cost-effective”, as it reduces by half the print cost per unit compared to earlier Kornit systems, and offers “much more savings when compared to systems from other manufacturers”. 

This cost per print depends on the size and resolution of the prints. For example, when printing on light garments with only colour ink, an image measuring 20cm x 20cm is said to cost 8-10 pence per print, and when printing on dark garments with a white layer and colours, the same size image costs 32- 40 pence per print.

Screen Print World: International Coatings 7500 range

The signature creamy consistency of each of the 19 colours, including nine fluorescents, in the new 7500 ink range from International Coatings lends itself perfectly to working with finer details and halftone designs, says Screen Print World.

The new 7500 range from International Coatings is available from Screen Print World

Suitable for both manual and automatic screen printing, “the vibrancy of these inks really shines in production where printers can benefit from a very low after-flash tack, speeding up production and reducing the window for wet-on-wet errors,” adds the company. Screen Print World also offers the 7500 Series Pantone Color System, which it says is “your secret weapon for mixing the perfect Pantone, every single time – gone are the days of speculating how to recreate the precise Pantone you used last week”. 

The free online Ultramix tool enables users to create, catalogue and customise their created colours at will, and then print a wallet-sized recipe card for recreating these mixes accurately to the milligram and with the option of including precise costings.

For more garment decoration consumables from leading suppliers, check out our August issue online here at: imagesmaguk/Aug2019

Ralawise: Ralaflex Universal All- Purpose Film

Ralaflex Universal from Ralawise is a quick-application vinyl

“If you’re after an all-purpose film, look no further than the Ralaflex Universal (RF015),” says Ralawise. “This film is worlds apart from its competition and can be used on almost any fabric. Whether you choose cotton, polyester, polycotton blends or uncoated nylon, you’ll be sure to have perfect results every time,” it adds.

Even when pressed at a low temperature, the Ralaflex Universal is a quick-application vinyl, needing only five seconds at 130°C, for example. It is available in 32 colours, including eight new shades: aqua green, baby pink, beige, berry, electric red, light red, mint and rose gold.

Hybrid Services: Mimaki Bulk Ink System

The new Mimaki Bulk Ink System (MBIS) for the TS55-1800 production dye sublimation printer is set to deliver cost and performance improvements, says Hybrid Services. “When it comes to manufacturing fashion and sportswear, offering a high-volume bulk ink solution for our latest dye sub printer brings unit costs right down,” explains chief operations manager Brett Newman. Users of the TS55-1800, which is supplied as standard with cost- effective two-litre ink sacks, can now either specify the bulk ink system, which holds 10kg supplies of ink, from the outset or upgrade at any point. 

The Mimaki TS55-1800 is now available with a bulk ink system

This option aims to lower unit costs even further and assist workflow by reducing operator intervention, adds Brett. He continues: “The Mimaki range of textile and dye sublimation machines have seen recent upgrades with fluorescent inks adding a burst of colour for sportswear, dance apparel and fashion prints. Mimaki is innovating at many levels – ensuring the performance, creativity and value of the inks perfectly complement the range of machines.”