International delivery service ParcelHero has suggested that now is the ideal time for UK manufacturers and retailers to start selling their products to the European Union (EU).

The company explains that, while UK sales are stalled, many EU countries have already re-opened retail stores having imposed faster lockdowns, and so represent significant new opportunities for British businesses.

David Jinks, head of consumer research at ParcelHero, said: “By the end of May, most EU countries had brought stores out of lockdown — that’s really boosted consumer confidence, and shoppers with money to spare during lockdown are now splashing the cash in stores and online.

“Online selling to EU markets will never be easier than it is now. If they’re not already doing so, SME manufacturers and retailers should consider exporting to EU countries to satisfy pent-up demand.”

ParcelHero’s advice for those businesses that can choose the items and markets they want to concentrate on is to go with quality, typically British products where possible, particularly focusing on smaller, high-value items that are not reliant on small margins to make a profit.

“We believe it’s now or never for businesses looking to move beyond the ailing UK economy and make the most of a supremely friendly trading environment, while it still exists,” added David.

For information on changes to regulations and prices shipping parcels to the EU, visit ParcelHero’s updated guide at