TGI Corporation, owner and sole distributor of the Cottonridge hoodies brand, has moved to a new, larger warehouse in Staffordshire.

It has relocated from its previous 30,000 sq ft site in Stoke-on-Trent to a new warehouse covering 50,000 square feet, further south in Stafford.

It has increased the storage capacity to 35,000 boxes of Cottonridge garments, and the new wider isles have increased efficiency by over 20%.

The new warehouse is located on a secure security-patrolled industrial park just 10 minutes from Junction 14 of the M6.

TGI Corporation managing director Richard Joyce said: “Our current stockholding is £3.2million over 20 styles. Printshops often think that, because we are not distributing through the large supermarket-style distributors, we won’t have large stocks or may have inconsistent stock levels when actually the opposite is the case.

“Because we only offer 20 styles means we can stock in depth and because we distribute direct as the brand owner our customers benefit from not having to pay a premium to an intermediate distributor. Once a printshop signs up on the Cottonridge site, they can see the stock levels online and they are always pleasantly surprised.”