We caught the new 16-head Kornit Storm Hexa in action at Fespa Digital/Fabric 2016, in Amsterdam.

The new Storm Hexahas been developed specifically for mid-sized businesses involved in high-volume production and is said to be ideal for sports and licensing franchises. It was launched alongside the new Storm 1000, which is targeted at promotional T-shirt printers and mass production printers. The Storm 1000 features 12 printheads (8 x CMYK – 2 of each colour, plus 4 white heads), while the Hexa uses 16 heads (12 heads CMYKRG – 2 of each colour, plus 4 white heads).

Built for 24/7 operation, the new Storm machines offer an ink recirculation mechanism which reduces the need to purge printing heads, increasing the lifespan of those printing heads, and significantly reducing waste and ink costs, according to Kornit. They boast print areas of up to 50 x 70cm (20 x 28 in) for the printing of 2XL garments and cut pieces and the height adjustable industrial print heads allow for uninterrupted printing over zippers, buttons and other raised garment design features.