Coolflow Schoolwear has announced it will launch a range of ColourPlus Sweatshirts with anti-bacterial protection in 2021.

The school uniform supplier has teamed up with Micro-Fresh to incorporate its anti-bacterial technology into the company’s Charles Kirk ColourPlus Sweatshirt range.

“Micro-Fresh is an invisible treatment that lasts for the lifetime of the garment. It inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria, therefore allowing the garment to stay fresher for longer,” explained Coolflow Schoolwear.

“Micro-Fresh is infused at the manufacturing stage of the garment and inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria — it’s formulated to remain active for the lifetime of the garment.”

Both hypoallergenic and vegan friendly, Micro-Fresh is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified (classes 1-4). The eco-friendly anti-bacterial technology does not contain plastic, and its active ingredient is a natural and sustainable material, added the company.

For more information, contact Coolflow Schoolwear on 0116 277 3336 or at